Creative Services

We create award winning television that reflects, informs and inspires our community.  Programming includes government and community meetings, series, and special features highlighting the diverse civic and cultural landscape of the Tualatin Valley.

Meet the Crew

Creative Services Manager

Another native Oregonian, Mary is our swiss army knife, working with our clients and jurisdictions to get their projects off the ground. Offering creative ideas and keeping production schedules tight, she does it all.  While she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, many of us have suffered the occasional beat-down from her in table tennis.

Production Manager

Originally from LA (don’t hold it against him), Kevin worked in Hollywood before finding a better life here.  Our graphics specialist, Kevin creates custom graphics and CGI for our productions.  While it’s not called for often, he’s always ready to add an explosion or two to a production.

Senior Producer

One of two native Oregonians on staff, Jon’s production passion is history and exploring the local lore found in our jurisdictions.  This love of history comes out in his productions and his knowledge of back roads always helps us get around traffic.

Senior Producer

A soft spoken native of Cuba, Roberto covers our Spanish and English projects. An accomplished musician, he brings an artist’s eye with meticulous attention to detail to his productions.  When not in his office editing, he’s usually in his office eating a sandwich.

Senior Producer

One of those guys who actually enjoys reading the manual, Cristo uses his vast technical knowledge of our equipment to get the most out of each production. His love for all things video is only slightly outweighed by his passion for soccer…and scarves

Produce a show with Creative Services
TVCTV Creative Services is more than just Government Meetings on TV.  We specialize in client and jurisdictional-focused video production supporting communication goals for your organization.  Creative Services offers a unique and creative way to get your message out to your community.  Let our award winning production team guide you through the video process from your idea to a polished finish.

Request a program copy
TVCTV Government Production Services is happy to provide copies of any of our government, community or in-house shows.  Just contact Assistant Manager, Mary Weisensee at 503-629-8534 extension 214 or use the contact form on the right.  Costs are $15.00 for a DVD with a $5.00 Shipping and Handling charge.