Orientation and Producer Training have been combined into one class.


Orientation is a mandatory first step for all newcomers to TVCTV.  This free class will introduce you to our facilities, our staff, and the opportunities available to you as a community producer here at TVCTV.  After attending Orientation, you will have the opportunity to sign-up for our exciting and informative production classes and begin your journey into public television production!

Producer Training

Producers Training provides you with the essential information needed to plan a production and submit it to air on our channels and is the first step to becoming a fully certified field or studio producer.  This class must be taken by anyone wishing to submit programming for air, which was either produced in-house with TVCTV’s equipment or externally produced.  Producers Training covers specific responsibilities of the producer and reviews our online submission process.  It also covers copyright permissions, talent releases, libel and slander laws and other topics necessary to protect the producer and TVCTV from potential problems.  After attending Producers Training, an individual is officially certified as a Producer and allowed  to submit programming for air.

*Producer Training is a prerequisite for submitting programs to air on TVCTV


Friday, February 7th, 2020  6—8 pm

You MUST have completed Orientation before signing up for any other classes.


** Other TVCTV Classes will be available for sign up after the Orientation date. **

Bookings are closed for this event.