Coronavirus Update

At TVCTV, our top priority is the safety of our community and staff. With the growing concern around COVID-19, we are taking extra measures to be vigilant regarding our role as a community space that checks out equipment to the public which may pass through many hands.


TVCTV is open to the public on Fridays from 5:15pm to 8:45pm.  Classes are being held virtually, please contact us for more information.

As this situation is currently evolving and changing, please stay tuned for updates as we continue to monitor events and ensure all proper precautions are being made to keep the community and staff safe at TVCTV.

Equipment Check-Out:


  • Limited equipment is available for check-out.
  • Curbside pick-up. Reservations will need to be made in advance by emailing Once your reservation is approved and confirmed, you will need to call the station when you arrive, you will remain in your vehicle while staff gathers and brings your equipment to the sidewalk. Once staff gives you the signal, they will step back while you load the equipment into your vehicle.
  • Curbside returns. Returns will work pretty much the same as pick up. You will call the station once you have reached the facility. Staff will monitor from a safe distance while equipment is placed on the sidewalk. Once staff receives you signal, you will return to your vehicle while staff inspects your returns and loads them on the cart. staff may need to inspect the equipment inside if inclimate weather is present. Once staff has verified everything is good with your return, you are free to go.

Studio Usage:


  • Reservations must be made in advance by emailing Call the station once you arrive at the facility and staff will meet you at the door to let
    you in. Staff will be responsible to admit any other producers or talent that may not arrive at the same time.
  • Only one session per night. In order to allow for disinfecting there will only be one three-hour session a night from 5:15 pm to 8:45 pm.
  • Face masks will be required in order to enter our facility and must be worn at all times. Only on-screen talent may remove their mask only while filming. There will be no exceptions.
  • Social distancing will be practiced. A six-foot or more distance from any other person in the facility. This includes talent in the studio.
  • Only two people are allowed in the control room at a time. Social distancing will need to be adhered to at all times.
  • Only two people will be allowed in the studio at a time. Social distancing will need to be adhered to at all times.
  • No extra guests or people waiting around. Only the two control room producers and on-air talent are allowed in the facility while filming. If you have multiple guests or they have brought a guest, these guests will need to wait in their vehicles until you are ready for them.

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